How it all began

The history of Vornhagen Oldtimerservice reaches back to the year 1994: the founder (Dirk Vornhagen) had begun buying veteran cars and restoring them. 

As friends shared the enthusiasm for antique cars, the group soon started swapping auto parts. From there on it was only a small step towards professional dealing of parts: in order to finance bigger renovation projects, Dirk began selling auto parts to interested parties via Ebay © .

Free and independent

Meanwhile, the renovation and sale of antique auto parts has become our main profession. Over the years, we have specialized in antique parts for Mercedes veteran cars, the focus being on items for which producers are out of stock and which are generally difficult to obtain.

Vornhagen Oldtimerservice is an independent dealer and not affiliated to Mercedes. The firm [Oldtimerservice Vornhagen], propr. Dirk Vornhagen, is not directly supplied by Mercedes, is not acting in its name and is not an official representative of Daimler AG. Sometimes it is necessary to portray Mercedes products in words and pictures, the Mercedes part identifications numbers only serving to compare. All trade and brand names and product type designations are owned by Daimler AG (Copyright).

Dirk Vornhagen

Dirk Vornhagen is the founder of Vornhagen Oldtimerservice. Early on his passion for antique cars has been inspired and he is known among friends as a veteran car nerd.

Since the beginning he has been particularly passionate about chrome-plated parts for old Mercedes models. Where others see no chance of restoring a rusty door handle or an old steering wheel, Dirk’s curiosity is piqued: he often succeeds in restoring rarities thought lost to their original state.